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I received an email enquiry via a web portal last week and the enquiry stated the clients preferences in terms of prices, property and location. On the email enquiry there is an option to reply to the sender and the clients phone number is listed . I called the client and after a few minutes of conversation we looked at the possibility that a 1 bedroom apartment , if it was to the right standard could be an option – the client was only a Monday to Thursday Tenant and was bringing a suitcase and some bedding  After a viewing , the 1 bedroom apartment was the perfect fit and following references , inventory preparation and signing the tenancy agreement they moved in 1 week later .

The initial email stated that the client wanted a 2 bedroom apartment , but 1 bedroom was sufficient . By talking to the client we gathered this information and also developed a rapport that isnt always possible via email exchanges .
Sometimes i think that modern technology in property world has led to laziness and relying on an email for a client enquiry is sometimes a lacklustre option.
When I first started in Letttings in Chester in 2002 I had no computer for 2 years . On my desk was a phone, box of potential applicants , box of landlord contacts and an A4 pad  and pen ( Several pens !) I am so grateful that my career started when the phone was still the preferred mode of contact , as now using the phone is the best way to gather information from clients , build up a rapport and through a conversation ,clients are able to trust our judgement, all of which isn’t always possible through email or text .

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